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What Are the Best Casinos in the World?

The online casinos bring an incredible range of online Casino Games and Online Pokies straight to your PC (or onto your smartphone if you’re part of the new wave...), and their convenience can hardly be matched by land-based casinos.

But there’s still something about the very best casinos in the world that keeps people travelling to them to lay a bet down and to enjoy that James Bond experience, even if only for a little while. We’ve picked out a few here that we think would make any list of the best casinos in the world, and laid them out for you in no particular order. So, if you fancy a trip to one of Australia’s best casinos, or you want to head further afield, you could do worse than these...

First of all, a couple from Australia. Crown Melbourne has a strong claim to be Australia’s best casino resort, and certainly there is a wealth of facilities on offer. The Aussie Millions Poker Tournament found an ideal home there last year, and it will be the first venue for the WSOP in Australia, so the Poker scene is strong. Add to that the strategy of aggressive expansion that the Crown Casino Group believes will keep them at the top of the Australian Casino tree, and you can be sure that Crown Melbourne will only get better.

But they haven’t had it all their own way this year. It seems like Crown’s plans for a takeover of The Star Casino in Sydney might have been put back – mostly thanks to The Star’s success in establishing itself on the list of essential things to do in Sydney. After a massive refurbishment, The Star is a casino complex to match Crown Melbourne, and it boasts a world-class luxury hotel in The Darling – just ask George Clooney, one of its first high-profile guests.

Next is Macau. Not a single casino, of course, but the Macau gambling hub recently overtook Vegas as the biggest in the world. That’s quite an achievement, but a visit to the enclave will leave you in no doubt as to the secret of its success. This is gambling Mecca, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Elsewhere in the Pacific, Singapore’s two newly-licensed casinos have been showing impressive early results in spite of a cautious approach by the Singaporean government. Close to the heart of Singapore, and equipped with all the luxury you could ever want, Singapore’s casinos are a tempting destination for Australians who love a bet or two.

No round-up of the world’s casinos would seem complete without mention of Las Vegas Casinos, and the strip that brought casinos into Hollywood, and launched them around the world. We mentioned above that Macau recently overtook Vegas as the world’s largest casino hub, but there are many who will tell you that’s just a statistic. Las Vegas is still the world’s premier destination for the glitz and the glamour of the all-American casino experience.

Of course, if you’re craving a trip to where it all began, the Mediterranean chic of Monte Carlo is where you want to be heading. This is gambling in black tie, in the richest and most historic surroundings of any casino in the world. For your moment as James Bond, Monte Carlo is a must.

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