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Big Mobile Wins Keep Coming In Australia

The online casinos have been one of the success stories of the past decade, especially in the context of a global tightening of belts in which they have thrived, and showed continued growth. One of the things that has been feeding that growth, we think, and in turn something that has been made possible by that growth (in a classic virtuous cycle), is a massive change in the size of the biggest jackpots on offer.

The progressive pokies at online casinos like Ruby Fortune Casino and The Gaming Club Casino are really hitting some serious heights – there’s real life-changing money on offer, with some of the progressive pokies offering lucky winners millions of Australian dollars.

And people are winning them, too. These aren’t just the occasional big promotions or special offers. The first million-dollar pokie jackpot was paid out in Vegas way back in 1983, but the online casinos have been making up for lost time ever since with progressive pokies like the new The Dark Knight pokie.

And where the online casinos lead, then the mobile casinos follow. Even though they’re just starting to become a part of life (though we’re picking them up as fast here in Australia as anywhere else in the world), the mobile casinos are able to offer the sort of prizes that are guaranteed to get people playing the pokies on their smartphones or iphones.

The most recent we’ve seen is a big win by a new player to William Hill Mobile Casino over in the UK. We don’t have a name for him, but we know that he picked up well over GBP£100,000 (AU$150,000) on the back of a £2 bet. That’s not a bad return on a mobile casino. He had a few words to share, which we’re impressed by, as we’re sure we would have been far too excited to talk to the press. ‘I’m still in shock,’ he said. ‘It’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t believe I’ve only been an account holder two weeks and William Hill has paid off my mortgage with plenty of change left over! My partner has just had a baby so I’m sure they’ll be getting treated too...’

It’s all positive from William Hill’s point of view, too. Their spokeswoman, Lucy Rhodes, was keen to pass on her congratulations: ‘this amazing win couldn't have come at a better time for our lucky punter. He has landed one of the biggest wins in our history of mobile betting just over two weeks after joining us, and all for a £2 spin.’

We’re just glad to see the wins coming more and more often on the mobile casinos. We’ve had a chance to review a few of them, and there are some great mobile casinos on offer – from established casinos like Spin Palace and Jackpot City Casino – but the chance of winning massive jackpots can only make the mobile casinos more appealing. With any luck at all we can get another virtuous cycle going for the mobile casinos, with bigger prizes drawing in more players to the mobile casinos, and more players making bigger prizes and better mobile casinos possible. Watch this space...

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