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Australasian Gaming Expo Gives a Glimpse of Tomorrow’s Casinos

You don’t need us to tell you that the world of gaming – online and at your favourite local casino – is a world of innovation that sometimes changes so fast that we struggle to keep up.

That’s one of the things that has made the industry such a success, even in the last few years, in a global economic climate that has staggered from bad to worse. But Australians have a reputation for being discerning customers when it comes to embracing new technology.

The take-up of smartphones, for example, wasn’t as fast here as it was in other countries. In Singapore and Hong Kong, smartphones flew off the shelves from day one, but in Australia there was a period of waiting as all the bugs and little niggles were worked out of those first smartphones.

Now, though, there’s as many Australians with smartphones (iphones or their android equivalents) by percentage as in any other country in the world. We’re seeing a similar pattern with the mobile casinos that are bringing gambling to those smartphones, too, with Australians getting behind the mobile casinos in larger and larger numbers now that the initial releases are becoming more established, and bringing more of the quality of the online casinos to mobile devices.

So what has the future got in store for the gaming industry? Last week’s Australasian Gaming Expo is a first port of call for anyone wanting to look a little bit into the future of gaming, and there was some serious technology on display, by all accounts.

The Expo was huge this year, with the 15,000-square-metre Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre full to capacity with stands showcasing their newest wares and visitors moving from one astonishing demonstration to the next. The trend seems to be towards even better-looking Online Pokies (there were 750 or so on display throughout the Expo), with more powerful processors supporting better graphics than ever before.

Look out for 3D displays in the near future: International Game Technology showcased its new Multi-Layered-Display technology, which immerses a player more than ever before in the graphics and gameplay of a pokie. A good number of other impressive displays showed a trend towards increasing the interactivity of pokies, both online and at casinos, with software that allows players to communicate with each other seamlessly integrated into the games themselves.

You can see the influence of the online casinos in that, at least, and that seems like a good thing to us. The online casinos have been successful in a time when other sectors of the economy have been struggling, which makes us think they’ve been doing something right. If the Australasian Gaming Expo is anything to go by, the technology firms driving innovation at online casinos and in pokie machines are keen to keep that success going.

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