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Mobile Set To Boom In Australia Over Next 5 Years

It comes as no surprise to us that the mobile casinos are gathering momentum in the online gambling market. We’ve had a chance to review some of the best mobile casinos available at the moment, and we’ve been more than impressed.

It’s fair to say that any success that comes the way of the mobile casinos is well deserved, we think. And it looks like that success is coming in handfuls, and, according to a Juniper report last week, that the success of the mobile casinos is set fair for the next five years. Given the pace of innovation so far, we’re already a little on the edge of our seats...

The numbers in the report are not restricted to mobile casinos, but they’re very much in the mix, and there are some huge numbers on display. It’s reckoned that the mobile gambling market is worth around AU$13billion every year – that’s a number that includes sports betting as well as the mobile casinos.

If that grows as Juniper predicts, by 2017, mobile gambling will be worth over AU$100billion, and we can’t imagine that mobile casinos won’t account for a decent share of that total.

Why? They’ve already improved in leaps and bounds in their early days, and there’s no shortage of innovation to come, either. Online casinos like All Slots and Spin Palace Casino – established names in the online casino market who know how to deliver quality product – have thrown their considerable weight behind the mobile casinos associated with them, and it shows.

All Slots have recently launched their HTML5 mobile casino platform, giving mobile users better access than ever before to a casino of 11 games that is just a taste of what’s on offer at All Slots’ online casino. New games are being developed all the time for the mobile casinos, too, by software developers like Microgaming and Playtech, who are themselves eager to get their product out to as many mobile casino customers as possible.

They have good reason to be eager: with more and more devices on the market than ever before, and more and more mobile casinos compatible with them, too, there are plenty of customers on offer (especially here in Australia). Finally, we have to say that we’ve been impressed by the mobile phone technology we’ve had the chance to look at, and particularly by the speed with which it’s improving. We’re getting to the stage where the Online Pokies on offer at mobile casinos can match the high-resolution good looks of those at the online casinos, and that can’t be a bad thing.

We’re just looking forward to where the mobile casinos go from here. The predictions are for big success, and we’ve been impressed by the product so far. Get yourself over to a mobile casino like Spin Palace or All Slots and see for yourself...

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