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When it comes to the selection of games, the focus at many of the most popular online casinos is on providing players with contemporary big-hitters such as online slots, alongside up-to-date versions of casino classics like blackjack and roulette.

But there is another online casino gem which, while massively popular in some quarters, is still waiting to be discovered by many: Asian Casino Games. Like their western peers blackjack and roulette, these titles are based on traditional games which have been in existence for centuries.

Now, they've been updated for the online age, with the most recent Asian Casino Games gaining popularity for their blend of cutting-edge graphics and thrilling bonuses. All of which is not to mention the mouthwatering prospect of massive cash prizes that these games offer.

Popular Asian Casino Games

The most widely played Asian Casino Games are those which appropriate classic, time-tested gameplay for the modern era. Traditional, centuries-old puzzle games such as Mah-jong have been brought bang up-to-date, giving players the opportunity to win big money for matching tiles in a fast-paced test of nerves and luck.

The simplistic gameplay at the heart of Mah-jong Asian Casino Games and the longevity it has bred is evident in the fact that the game is also available on games consoles such as the PS3 and Nintendo DS, although unlike in the case of Asian Casino Games, you won't win cash prizes for scoring big in these versions.

Another traditional favourite which is now the basis for a host of popular Asian Casino Games is Sic Bo, where players are invited to guess the outcome of three die rolls. Cash prizes are up for grabs for anyone who correctly wagers on the die totals.

Play Asian Casino Games

For an Eastern alternative to the usual classics like blackjack and roulette, you cannot go far wrong with Asian Casino Games. Mixing traditional gameplay with modern graphics, sound, bonuses and above all - cash prizes, it is little wonder why these titles are growing in popularity.

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