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New Pokies Online In Australia

Itís that time again, when we get the chance to go over the newest pokies releases currently drawing custom to your favourite online casino. Microgaming is a software developer with a reputation to maintain, and with each review we have a sneaking doubt that this will be the time they arenít able to match the high quality of the Online Pokies theyíve released in the past.

Each time, inevitably, they show us that we neednít have worried at all, and we have a handful of new pokies in Australia to enjoy.

First up is Leagues of Fortune, which is a great-looking pokie that immediately put us in mind of Jules Verne, giant squid and general underwater adventuring. Sure enough, thereís a giant squid involved, but itís a good thing when it appears, as it means youíre looking at lots of free spins to maximise your winnings.

This is a 5-reel pokie with a fixed 1024 (you read that right Ė more than a thousand) ways to win. You know that you stand to pick up some great prizes here with every spin of the reels, and this is a pokie we had fun playing, too. Look out for the YourGamble feature (an innovation from Microgaming) that lets you double up your winnings, but with control over the percentage of your winnings that you gamble. Well worth a go, Leagues of Fortune is available at great online casinos like All Slots Casino.

Elsewhere, we loved the whimsy of Magic Charms, which is inspired by a range of fairy tales Ė this is a pokie that takes you out into an enchanted glade, and settles you down for a relaxing trip through the stories of your youth, full of princesses, toads, and, of course, pots of gold.

With 243 ways to win, you can be sure youíll be coming across those pots of gold regularly, too. The 243-ways-to-win format is one that has been working for Microgaming for a while now, and this is a pokie thatís a nice variation on that popular theme. If it ainít broke, they say, donít fix it, and the 243-ways-to-win pokies definitely ainít broke.

Last of all in August is House of Dragons, a pokie that transports you to ancient China, and offers you a chance at riches. We really liked the look of this pokie and itís one that weíve seen elsewhere at online casinos.

Now, given a new lease of life by Microgaming, itís an even more popular pokie than before. Look out for the wise old man appearing in your reels to net you the biggest prizes on offer, and maximise your winnings in the bonus Archery Game, which gives you the chance to multiply your takings by hitting the right targets.

All three of these excellent Microgaming pokies are available at great online casinos like All Slots and 32Red Casimno. Better yet, if they stand the test of time in the online casinos, you could be seeing them on your smartphone or iphone, in mobile casino format...

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