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The Sunny Tide Of Life

It could just be us, of course. We might be alone in occasionally craving a little bit of nostalgia in our pokies. Itís not as though we donít like all the bleeding-edge technology on show at our favourite online casinos. Itís not like we donít like a slick cut-away video on your most modern big-name movie tie-in pokies. And itís not as though we donít love all the extra features and bonus rounds that your pokie has to have these days. Itís just that sometimes we need the reassuring sight of a melon, a lemon or a pair of cherries landing in the reels to really make us happy.

So thank goodness for Microgamingís other March release, SunTide, which gives us that nostalgic blast in a glitzy modern format. Itís a great-looking pokie, and it definitely wonít look out of place at your favourite online casino, but donít expect all those extra cut scenes, bonus rounds or add-on featurettes. This is a pokie that makes a real virtue of its simplicity. Thatís no bad thing, in our humble opinion: some days all you need is a pure pokies experience like this. Itís not too shabby with the prizes, either, so it seems like it will be a fixture of online casinos like 32Red and Gaming Club. Weíre curious to see how many other classic pokie fans there are out there Ė with any luck there are enough to make this pokie a hit. Weíll have to wait and see. We know weíll be playing it. Will you?

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