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Roulette Futures

The world of online casinos moves fast. You could be forgiven for getting used to the pace of innovation, and if we’re honest, we do sometimes catch ourselves getting complacent about what the next shiny new pokie will be or the next incredible innovation that takes our gaming to the next level. Think for a second where online casinos were just ten or even five years ago, and how much your favourite pokies have come on in that time. Then imagine, if you can, where the ferocious pace of innovation will take us in the next five years…

To help you in your flight of fancy, we’ve got a little bit of news from the recent ICE Totally Gaming Event. Microgaming, the software developer already noted for their constant innovation, treated visitors to a spell in their ‘CRYO lab’, and a Virtual Reality experience that might hint at what they have in mind for the future. Using something they’ve given the catchy name of ‘Oculus Rift DK headset with Leap Motion 3D Controller’, online casino fans were given a virtual reality trip to space, and a digital version of Roulette that’s literally out of this world. Hosted by a futuristic android dealer and occasionally interrupted by a stray meteor or two, Microgaming’s space-age version of Roulette was apparently enough to impress press and punters alike. The technology even tracks the movement of the player’s hands, including them in the simulation, and bringing the whole Roulette table into play.

Microgaming seem like they’re onto something with this Virtual Reality thing, and we’re curious to see where they’re going with it. Certainly, Roulette is a canny choice for the game that showcases the new technology: it’s a perennial favourite amongst casino fans online and in real life, so there’s no reason to think it won’t be a virtual reality favourite, too. In the meantime, of course, there’s always the fantastic Roulette simulations at the online casinos we feature here at OCG. They might not be set in space, but they’re some of the best on the internet, and they’re waiting for you right now!

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