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The Age Of The Nerd

Itís the age of the nerd, in case you hadnít noticed. The nerd might not be an easy creature to define, if you think about it carefully, but it seems like theyíre having a bit of a golden age just at the moment, especially in pop culture. Both Star Wars and Star Trek have seen re-boots in the past few years, with all the fanatic reception that you would expect. Marvel have put themselves front and centre of the Hollywood limelight with any number of movies based on the characters from their comics (X-Men, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man: itís a long list), but DCís Justice League are gearing up to take them on with this yearís release of Batman vs Superman, which already comes on the back of The Dark Knightís huge solo success. Throw in some Game of Thrones (back on your telly next month), a Supergirl series, the recent Hobbit movies and the excellent Deadpool (which we saw last week and very much recommend!), and youíve got a perfect storm for the geeks to enjoy.

But why are we talking about that here at OCG? Because one of the best things about the age of the nerd has been all the pokies arriving at our favourite online casinos with themes and with endorsements based on all those great movies, comics and TV shows. Titles like The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and many, many more have not only been giving us great games to enjoy, but theyíve been pushing the boundaries of whatís possible for a bleeding edge video pokie, and of what we can expect from future big-name pokie titles.

All of those high-profile pokies have made their impact at online casinos, and there are more than a few that are big enough and famous enough to draw in the customers all by themselves. But what about the original geeks? With the pokies fans joining the nerd rush, they might be starting to feel a bit left out. Elsewhere in these pages, weíre always talking about which new and exciting pokies are the best, but itís always from the perspective of us pokies fans. What about the nerds? Well, to put things straight, weíll be looking at the greatest nerd-culture tie-in pokies around over the next few weeks, counting down our favourites in no particular order. Expect swords, sorcery, spaceships and ray guns aplenty, and some excellent pokies, too (of course).

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