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32Red Shareholders Strike It Rich

Usually when weíre talking about 32Red, itís to tell you that itís one of our favourite online casinos, to tell you about the huge range of pokies and Casino Games youíll find on the site, or to share the news that yet another lucky punter has struck it rich with a big jackpot. Todayís article is about all those things, in a way, because theyíre all still true, and now more than ever: weíre seeing in the press this week that 32Redís shareholders can look forward to a special dividend of three pence per share (itís listed on the London Stock Exchange) after a very successful year for the company in 2015.

Now we would normally be bringing you news of lucky jackpot winners in preference to the success of canny investors, but in this case we thought weíd make an exception, because the success of 32Red is probably something you should be aware of as a pokies fan here in Australia. 32Red is a stand-out option in the Australian market, and itís one of the online casinos that we recommend to you here on the OCG site. Thatís because, simply put, itís one of the very best choices you could make as an Aussie when youíre looking for the site thatís going to be your pokies home-away-from-home. And it must be gratifying for the folks over at 32Red to see their hard work paying off with real success. Itís one thing to work hard to make the fans happy, and itís another to keep the boss happy with a healthy bottom line. At 32Red, they seem to be managing both, and more power to them.

With all the hard work the 32Red team are clearly putting in, and with the success theyíre having creating no little buzz in online casino circles, youíre probably aware of 32Red and what they do. If you donít know the site, and in particular you donít know what it could offer you as an Australian online casino customer, then we really canít encourage you enough to give 32Red a whirl. You can try the site for free (that means all those hundreds of games in just-for-fun mode), and thereís a tasty offer or two waiting when you decide 32Red is somewhere youíd like to try for real. And once youíre signed up as a 32Red member, youíll be one of the many, many pokies fans in this part of the world who are helping make 32Red such a success. Helping by playing their favourite pokies and classic Casino Games like Roulette and Blackjack. Itís a tough job, but someoneís got to do it.

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