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Join The Justice League

We love a movie tie-in, especially with a big-name character or one of our favourite personalities from popular culture. And Playtech look like they will be bringing us lots of that goodness in 2016, after they have closed a deal with Warner Bros for the rights to some of DC Comics’ most famous, iconic and best-loved characters.

It’s not like Batman is short of an appearance in a pokie or two (The Dark Knight series of pokies is rightly very highly regarded), but he will be joining his buddies at DC in brand new Playtech pokies this year. It’ll be the classic, nostalgic Batman from the 1960s that features, apparently, so expect plenty of ‘ka-pow’ and ‘blam’, we reckon. And expect pokies featuring Superman in his Christopher Reeve incarnation, as well, as vintage movies Superman 1 and Superman 2 join the more recent Man of Steel reboot on the Playtech roster. And don’t forget Green Lantern, who will be getting his own pokie, it looks like, based on the 2011 film.

Now some of those film titles will give DC fans the shivers, because they’re not all classics (we’re looking at you, Green Lantern), and we’ve got some concerns about how the pokies will turn out, too. Playtech come with a really good reputation, of course, for making first rate pokies, so we’re probably worrying about nothing, but this is a huge year for the DC Comics characters, as it looks like the Batman vs Superman movie will launch a Justice League franchise intended to rival Marvel’s many successful movie ventures. Comic geeks all around the world will no doubt be raging and rejoicing in equal measure, and filling up twitter and the like when they do, but we’re glad, at least, to see that there will be new, exciting pokies hitting the best online casinos in the world to make us feel better about the whole thing…

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