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Sky the Limit for Adelaide Casino

Another day, another Australian Casino looking to expand and compete in the Asia-Pacific casino market. This week, the news is reaching us that Adelaide’s SkyCity, a part of the larger SkyCity Group which also runs a casino resort in Darwin, and more across the Tasman in Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown, has seen approval for an planned expansion that will see more casino facilities available in Adelaide – and pokies in particular.

The deal, which is reported to be worth as much as AU$60million to the South Australian Government over the next four years, could be the starting gun for a AU$300million redevelopment of the SkyCity Adelaide site. We’re starting to know the drill by now, and so it comes as little surprise that the redevelopment will include a new luxury hotel, a roof-top pool and lounge bar, restaurants, bars and more.

Significantly, though, it will also include around 500 new pokie machines and about a hundred extra casino tables – all of which should let South Australians enjoy more of their favourite Casino Games and the very best and newest pokies around.

But, of course, the redevelopment isn’t aimed as squarely at local gamblers as maybe we’d like. There will be a boost to the Adelaide economy, no doubt, and some 1000 jobs stand to be created in the casino resort, plus there’s the tax benefits for the State, but the reality is that a modern casino resort is intended to lure in the VIP gamblers from Asia and around the world.

There will be VIP accommodation and exclusive gaming facilities that we likely won’t ever see except in promotional photos, but the key thing for casino lovers (and pokie-lovers especially) in Adelaide and the rest of South Australia is that there will be so many more of those on offer in a trip to SkyCity. South Australia’s Premier, Jay Weatherill, is clearly behind the plan: ‘it demonstrates the way in which high-quality public investments in partnership with the private sector can create jobs and opportunities for all South Australians,’ he said.

But it won’t be plain sailing, of course. It all boils down to whether or not you think a casino resort is a good thing or not – we would tend to think they’re a great way to spend a weekend playing classic casino table games or the newest big-jackpot pokies. We might take a break from the online casinos and head out to Adelaide...

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