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Australians Go Online First

It’s no secret that we’re fans of the online casinos – they offer a great blend of traditional casino table games, brand new Online Pokies with huge jackpots, interactive poker and much more.

Throw in the tempting deals on offer for new players and the great rewards available to players who return to their favourite online casinos, and bring it all to our homes (so that we don’t have to get up off the sofa to play the best pokies around), and you’ve got a winning combination. And the latest studies seem to be showing that it isn’t just us that can’t get enough of the online casinos.

The news coming to us from Morgan Research seems to suggest that Australians are tending to go to the online casinos more and more for their gambling (especially for their pokies), and that’s really saying something, particularly when you consider what’s on offer at the new generation of casino resorts in Australia.

The overall numbers would seem to suggest that gambling is down in Australia when compared to statistics from five years ago. In 2010, for instance, gambling in Australia accounted for as much as AU$20billion, and 2012’s figures showed that the total spend was down to about AU$17billion. But it’s the composition of those huge amounts of money that’s interesting for us.

The online casinos have been around for more than a decade, and in the last couple of years they’ve started to out-earn the land-based casinos – quite an achievement when you consider all the positive press we’ve been seeing about Australia’s new brand of casino resorts and the success they’ve been seeing in the hyper-competitive Asia-Pacific market.

The number of redevelopments alone would suggest that there is money to be had from casino resorts, and Australia, already blessed with a few truly world-class resorts, will be seeing more.

But the Morgan Research report identifies the real growth sector within those gambling statistics – online gambling. There were more than a billion dollars gambled online in 2011, and the online casinos took their fair share of that revenue. Jane Ianniello from Morgan Research explains: ‘most forms of gambling have become less popular over the past decade.

However, online gambling options are growing in popularity, including sports betting, online casino table games, and online poker machines.’ And whilst the online casinos have plenty of features that we love and that keep us coming back for more, there’s one factor that we think is reflected in those revenue numbers – convenience.

Only a few years ago it wouldn’t have crossed our minds that we could have a whole casino at our disposal without having to leave the house, but that’s exactly what the best online casinos – casinos like Spin Palace Casino and 32Red Casino – offer us. And if it’s convenience that is the secret of the online casinos’ success, then what heights could the mobile casinos reach?

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