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32Red Riding A Wave

It feels like we’ve been reporting a lot of late about the success of the online casinos, and that’s always exciting for those of us who are fans of the very best pokies and Casino Games brought to us by the highest-quality and most secure online casino sites.

What we thought we’d do this week is highlight one of the online casinos that has been a part of their rise to the strong position they find themselves in – the lion’s share of online gambling must be attributed to the online casinos and their constant innovation and drive to bring in new customers and keep hold of established ones.

And this year, online gambling has overtaken any other format in terms of turnover, so the online casinos find themselves pretty close to the top of the tree. That’s no surprise, particularly for those of us here in Australia who like to drop by an online casino for a few top-drawer pokies or classic Casino Games – the online casinos have brought gaming to our homes, and made it that much easier for us to get at the games and the pokies that we love.

One of the stand-out performers for us over the past year or so in the extremely competitive online casinos market has been 32Red. One of the online casinos that we’re happy to recommend, 32Red is a genuine contender for the title of the best online casino in the world.

In fact, it was voted the casino of the decade (for 2000 to 2010) – an impressive achievement by any standards, but especially when you consider how carefully and ruthlessly the judges look at the online casinos. Not as ruthlessly, though, as the gamblers who really determine 32Red’s fate.

Whilst the rewards are nice, no doubt, and the recognition within the industry worth having, it’s their healthy bottom line that will please 32Red’s operators more than anything else. For the year 2012, they reported a massive 28% increase in total revenues – the third consecutive year that the company has posted record annual revenues.

All good news for them, and for the industry, and with the race on to provide the very highest quality online casinos to draw in business, good news for casino fans, too.

32Red Casino to find out for yourself. Or, if you want to make the move to a mobile casino, check out our mobile casinos review page for the lowdown on 32Red’s mobile casino.

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