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Roulette Gold Goes Mobile

If there’s one thing we like to see, it’s a genuine casino classic given a new lease of life on the most up-to-date platform available. And you don’t get much more classic than European Roulette, or more up-to-date than your ipad or other tablet.

The ‘little wheel’ has to be considered one of the original Casino Games – it was the making of the Monte Carlo casinos, and there’s a story that its secrets were passed to the Blanc brothers by the Devil himself.

Certainly, it was the making of the casinos in Europe, and it’s those casinos that have become the casino resorts that bring millions of tourists every year to Australia’s cities, and that are the inspiration for the top-drawer online casinos that we recommend on the site.

So it’s good to see that Online Roulette has a home at the online casinos, in its myriad forms, and with all the big prizes and the special features that you could ever need. And it’s even better to see that European Roulette has made its way onto the cutting edge of the casino world, the mobile casinos that now bring European Roulette Gold Series to your ipad or to your tablet.

Microgaming’s Go is a company on a mission, and that mission is to match its parent company’s reputation for releasing great games, and releasing them with very little delay in between. European Roulette Gold Series definitely ticks the first box: this is a version of the classic game that’s as good as any you’ll see.

With Roulette’s naturally great odds – and the single ‘0’ that makes European Roulette more popular around the world than versions with more green ‘0’ slots – this is a winner for most lovers of Casino Games, and with as many features as even the most seasoned veteran could possibly need, it’s a winner for dedicated Roulette fans, too.

This version, making the most of the excellent features of the tablet, brings the same high-quality experience you’d expect on your PC to you, wherever you happen to be, and whenever you fancy spinning the ‘little wheel’.

The tablets on the market are stuffed full of features, and, in the words of Neil Whyte (Microgaming’s Head of Production Channels), European Roulette Gold Series ‘makes full use of the tablet screen real estate.’ He also put his finger on the reason we’re excitedly looking out for the next Go releases for the mobile casinos: ‘the regular introduction of new content is what Microgaming does best.’ He couldn’t be more right.

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