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Microgaming in Bed with Playboy?

They might not seem like the most obvious bedfellows (get it, get it?), but this month sees news that software developer Microgaming will be teaming up with Playboy to bring you the final word in live dealers: the Playboy bunnies themselves.

It might seem like an obvious idea, now that someone has done it, but we would very much have liked to be in the meeting when it was first suggested: in our imagination the question asked runs something like ‘would a Playboy bunny improve your online gambling experience?’ For the record, we suspect it will be a resounding ‘yes!’, but time will tell...

Live Dealers; Real Bunnies

This announcement by Microgaming and Playboy has generated a considerable amount of excitement, and only most of it because of the buzz that typically surrounds any mention of the Hugh Hefner brand. The partnership represents a strong move by Microgaming back into the live dealers market, in which there has been a perception that they lag behind other developers.

It has been Evolution and Playtech who have been making the running, whilst Microgaming has always been associated with bringing the newest and best pokies to us here in Australia. But the bunnies could be the start of a change, especially if this is a move that sees Microgaming invest more time, effort and resources into developing great live dealer software.

And that is all good news for us, the players: the live dealers are one of the pieces of technology that reassure us that the online casinos we love are still pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the existing technology, and developing new software all the time to keep our gaming at the bleeding edge.

The Playboy bunnies (aside from giving us a lot of jokes that we resisted forcing into this article) will certainly add to the appeal of the games provided by Microgaming – they will be on duty for all your favourites, including Online Roulette, Blackjack and big-money Baccarat. Look out, too, for the other benefits of the Microgaming-Playboy partnership, as Playboy-themed pokies and Casino Games cannot be far behind.

What They Are Saying

Both companies seem understandably pleased with the arrangement, which looks to benefit both. For Playboy, their Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Ventures Jason Turner (who has an excellent job title...) offers:

‘the Playboy partnership with Microgaming is another example of partnering our iconic brand with a best in class gaming provider. We are thrilled that the gaming experience of playing with a live Playboy Bunny Dealer can now extend from our land-based Playboy Clubs to online gaming.’

Meanwhile, over at Microgaming, CEO Roger Raatgever tells us:

‘the Playboy Live Dealer offering is another market first for Microgaming. We pride ourselves on partnering with the right brands at the right time and Playboy is one that we are proud to have a licensing agreement with. We believe that we have created an outstanding Live Dealer Playboy product which perfectly embodies this iconic brand; it will be a unique offering for operators and players alike.’

Head over to your favourite online casinos throughout February to give the new bunny-hosted live dealer Casino Games a try, and maybe let us know what you think...

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