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Blackjack is a game with genuine enduring appeal: there arenít that many games out there that boast at least a 400 year history. And itís still a favourite in casinos around the world, from the Vegas strip to our own casino resorts.

Thereís something very appealing about a table full of players, all playing their own game against the bank Ė we know some players who look for that sort of camaraderie as a key part of their casino experience. But we canít always get to Melbourne for a visit to Crown Casinos, or make it to Sydney for an evening at The Star.

Thatís where online casinos come in, with their own versions of Online Blackjack. Ten years ago they were simple simulations, and they relied a little on the convenience of an online casino to draw the crowds.

But now, those simple electronic versions of Blackjack have come of age. Ten years is a long time in the world of the online casinos Ė itís not an industry that could ever be accused of failing to innovate. Now, you can find live, interactive, real-time Blackjack tables at online casinos like Gaming Club Casino and Spin Palace Casino. These arenít simple recreations of the game, but virtual casino tables, some with real-life dealers presiding over video link.

Spin Palace has more than 40 versions of Blackjack available to play online, so youíre just about guaranteed to find one that suits your tastes Ė even your mood. Plus, weíre happy to recommend Spin Palace as a well-established casino that provides excellent games and peerless customer service.

Better yet, it caters directly to customers here in Australia, meaning you can make deposits and pick up your winnings in Australian dollars, and that thereíll always be an advisor on the end of the line to help sort out any problems you might have.

Not that weíd expect you to have any Ė Spin Palace is genuinely one of the smoothest online casino experiences on the market, and once youíve tried a game or two, youíll be tempted to settle yourself in for the long haul. And, with up to AU$1000 in deposit bonuses available when you sign up, plus regular promotions and a great loyalty scheme, we canít see how that would be a bad idea...

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