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New winning tricks for an old casino game

The game of Blackjack has its roots in Ventiuna, the card game mentioned by Miguel Cervantes (author of Don Quixote) way back in 1602. Of course, the game was already popular enough by then for Cervantes (who was a dedicated gambler himself) to include it in his writing, and so it must date back to the 16th century and even earlier.

And Blackjack has seen a good deal of changes over the centuries: in Spain in the 17th century it was played with a baraja deck of card (which has no eights, nines or tens); the French incarnation, Vingt-et-un, has always been a favourite in the casinos of Monte Carlo.

In recent times few games other than Poker have seen the same attention as Blackjack – in movies and in novels, at prestigious casinos and in guides to help punters beat the ‘House’.

All that’s without considering Online Blackjack, which these days comes in enough varieties to suit just about anyone. The first Online Blackjack games were simple recreations of the game, and those still exist – though, now, of course, you can play in real time via live video link with a real-life blackjack dealer and alongside players from all around the world.

It’s difficult to exaggerate the leap forward this could be for online casinos and their customers, especially in a country like Australia, where it might not always be possible to get to your nearest land casino for a game.

And it doesn’t stop there. Online casinos like Spin Palace Casino and Jackpot City Casino boast dozens of Blackjack variations, all tailored to suit the needs of online gamblers here in Australia.

Take, for instance, All Slots Casino. Another online casino that runs a section of its site specifically for Australian customers, All Slots gives you a choice of more than 40 Blackjack games. Obviously, you can play classic Blackjack, and if you do at All Slots, you’ll find that the graphics are surprisingly good, and the gameplay as smooth as if you were dealing yourself.

Plus there’s a range of side bets available to keep you interested over and above the chance to hone your Blackjack skills. Alternatively, have a look at any number of multi-hand Blackjack games, or for the big jackpots, try Triple-7s Blackjack. As an added bonus, you can try before you buy at All Slots, letting you know for sure if it’s the online casino that best suits your needs. Of course, if and when you do decide to join up, there are some juicy sign-up deals to tempt you...

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