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Microgaming set to revolutionise live dealer online roulette

You can’t beat the convenience of an online casino, or match the ease of use of the best of the online casinos out there, but there is still something about playing Casino Games live, in person, that keeps us coming back for more.

Now, thanks to Microgaming and a reinvention of their Live Dealer Online Roulette video streaming platform, players can compete as never before against a live dealer – and at a table with other players, too.

Whilst there are some undeniably world-class casinos in Australia – luxury casino resorts like Crown Casinos Melbourne and the Star in Sydney – the nature of our country can restrict the access that we have to all of them.

You might live close enough to Sydney to treat yourself to an hour or two at the roulette tables, but it’s a real journey for us and for many other Australian gambling enthusiasts. That’s part of the reason the online casinos that cater directly to the Australian market have seen real success here: their convenience and their universal access. But another reason is their constant innovation, and it looks like that innovation is close to bringing the live casino experience into your living room.

Already, Microgaming’s Live Dealer video streaming platform is proving popular with gamblers at online casinos, who appreciate the chance to interact in real time with real dealers over a video link. Now, Microgaming is launching a Diamond Edition of Live Dealer that will enhance the look and speed of the platform.

Better yet, online casino customers will be able to experience live multi-player roulette, with a new platform that features an interactive, real-time table view showing other live players’ bets as they are placed.

A spokesperson for Microgaming explains: ‘the Diamond Edition was partly conceived because of the trend we have noticed towards playing multi-player games, and we were keen to ensure that players have even greater opportunity to take advantage of this function, this time through Roulette. Already, 16 Microgaming customers are using the Live Games product after just one year in the market, meaning that our first-rate technology and comprehensive live experience is being used by thousands of gamers worldwide.’

It’s good to see the online casinos responding to customer demand with exciting, innovative technology – the Diamond Edition Live Dealer looks like it will set the standard for video-link interactive gambling at online casinos. It’s coming soon to an online casino near you, so why not give it a try?

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