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What Are China’s Tourists Worth To Australia’s Casinos?

We hear a lot about the potential benefits for Australian Casino resorts and for Australia’s cities from an increasingly numerous and prosperous Chinese middle class. We write a lot about how casino resorts in Australia – like The Star, and Crown resorts in Perth and Melbourne – have improved and widened their services to meet the demand created by those incoming tourists, and about how those improvements have seen Australia’s casino resorts become some of the best regarded (and the best!) in the world.

And the businessmen behind Australia’s successful casino resorts have been keeping themselves in the press in the last couple of years, demanding that State and National Government in Australia make it easier for overseas tourists (and tourists from China in particular) to get to our shores, and to clear customs and get visas for short stays whilst they’re here.

But how much money does casino tourism from overseas really generate for businesses and communities here in Australia? And, in particular, how much do those Chinese tourists generate?

And it’s not just the Australian Casino resorts who seem to be benefitting from an increase in the popularity of gambling sites in China, and from the increase in disposable income of Chinese punters. Online casinos are seeing a huge influx of business from China, and that extra business means it’s an exciting time for the online casinos.

But there seems to be debate as to the scale of the Chinese market. If you are inclined to believe the figures coming out of Peking University, there’s an astronomical amount of cash coming out of China: some $100billion!

Now, that seems like a lot to us, but then we can understand how customers in China are coming to know and love the high-quality online casinos that are available these days (like the excellent ones we recommend to you here on the site). And we can see how, with some many potential customers in China, just a modest section of the market would add up to serious money.

But, to put that $100billion into context, Peking University seems to be suggesting that the Chinese market is bigger than the global market. Our maths isn’t what you’d call a strength, but that doesn’t quite add up. You can understand how the recent research has been met with scepticism: perhaps the truth is somewhere between the two.

One thing is certain, though: the Chinese market is huge, and growing, and full of enormous potential. It’s likely that the focus on that growing Chinese market will continue, and it’s likely that it will drive continued improvement in Australia’s casino resorts, and in the online casinos, too. And that sounds like a good thing to us!

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