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Australian Casinos Renowned Worldwide

Now I know and you know – especially if you’ve travelled to one of Australia’s excellent casino resorts – that ours is a country blessed with a number of first-rate casinos. There are a dozen Australian Casinos plying their trades around our country, and there are licenses available for another four.

And the scramble by billionaire investors from all over the world to snap up those licenses and to win the right to develop the next flagship Australian Casino resort suggests that they are widely regarded as a good thing for investors.

Of course, we need to consider that they might not be the best thing for Australians and for our cities if they’re not handled in the right way. One of the proposed Queensland developments includes a huge port with facilities to handle cruise liners, which would inevitably have an environmental impact, and a hugely negative one if badly managed.

Weigh that against the economic impact of a huge new development in immediate and in long-term local growth, and you’ve got a difficult balance for State Government to judge.

And then there’s the prospects for us, the casino-lovers of Australia. It’s so easy as a fan of the casino resorts and all that they are to ignore the counter-arguments and to just relish the prospect of a weekend away in a fancy hotel with restaurants, bars, theatres and more – as well as an excellent casino, of course – for you to enjoy.

We love the online casinos that offer us up the widest and finest choice of Casino Games and Online Pokies, to be sure, but it’s a real positive to be able to get to a casino in person. One of our favourite new additions at online casinos is the live casino option that lets you enjoy classic games hosted by real dealers in real time and streamed straight to your computer.

It’s literally the next best thing to the real thing – although it seems like Australia is getting a bit of a reputation for offering the best ‘real thing’ casino resorts in the world...

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