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Mega Moolah Progressive Pokie Pays Out Huge Jackpot

We love online casinos. We love the range of Casino Games and Online Pokies at our favourites (often into the hundreds), and we love the newest and best pokies arriving all the time. But we also love a big jackpot prize!

There are so many reasons to enjoy playing this newest generation of pokies, with their incredible graphics, cut-away scenes, special features and immersive sounds, that we could happily play the best of them in the play-for-free mode that online casinos provide players to let them get used to the casino and to give the games a go. Almost.

Because there is always the lure of a big jackpot prize to keep us interested, and it’s no coincidence that the most popular Online Pokies in the world are not only the best, but also the ones that offer the juiciest prizes.

And then there are the progressive pokies, which, with jackpot prizes that start at more than a million dollars and that just grow and grow with every spin by every player all around the world, offer you the most enormous prizes you’ll find anywhere – and they offer the promise of that possible life-changing prize with every spin.

So we like to keep you up-to-date with the news of fellow punters around the world who have scooped the biggest prizes on progressive pokies, just so that you know that it does happen, and that it could be you next. It means, of course, that the jackpot is re-set to a modest million dollars or so, but with the progressive pokies so popular, the jackpots climb back to epic proportions pretty quickly.

The most recent payout by a big progressive is on that old favourite, Mega Moolah, and at an online casino we know and love, Spin Palace Casino. A lucky chap by the name of Jorge is now more than AU$3million richer, just by playing Mega Moolah at his online casino of choice. We suspect there’s a moral to this story, but we haven’t got time to share it, as we’re off to treat ourselves to a few spins of Mega Moolah...

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