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The Macau Casino Hub: Going From Strength To Strength

The Macau casino hub is a machine. It just keeps getting bigger, feeding off continued success, and bursting through record after record. It’s been a while now since it put Vegas in the rear-view mirror, and now it’s starting to pull away. And we’re not sure if that’s good news or bad for the Australian Casino resorts that we know and love.

The competition is fierce for casinos in Asia Pacific – even more so than anywhere else in the world, it looks like. But the Australian Casinos seem to thrive in that difficult, demanding market.

Certainly, as the competition has hotted up over the last decade or so, we’ve seen an incredible improvement in the standard of casinos available in Australia, and in the number of casinos there are dotted around the country.

If it works anything like the online casinos, then the very best will thrive in the competitive market, and there will be top-quality casino destinations available to both Australians and to tourists travelling to this country.

And if Australia’s casinos can carve out their own niche in the Asia-Pacific gambling tourism market, then there are incredible riches on offer. The half-year revenue figures from the Macau Gaming Inspection & Coordination Bureau give an indication of the sheer scale of the market: more than AU$20billion has been generated in the first half of the year.

Now that’s some serious revenue. The breakdown is interesting, too – there’s almost AU$1billion dollars from pokies in the mix, which is heartening for the lovers of pokie machines in casino resort lobbies. They’re definitely under threat from the Online Pokies and the mobile casinos, but the old-fashioned pokie machine has some life in it yet!

But there’s a worrying statistic in there, too. One of the things James Packer is always talking about is drawing the high-rollers to Australia’s casinos – he feels like we’re not bringing them to our shores in enough numbers.

There have been enough new developments, both underway and in the works, with VIP gaming in mind to make us think that the rest of Australia’s casino operators know it’s important to lure in the ‘whales’, too.

If Australia’s casino resorts can bring the super-rich gambling tourists to our shores, there are great rewards waiting – close to AU$20billion of Macau’s revenue in the first half of 2013 came from just VIP Baccart and Baccarat. It seems like Australia’s casinos are raising their game, but it looks like they need to, as well...

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