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Pokies Are Good For Your Health!

We’re doing our best to resist the temptation to say that we knew all along that Online Pokies are good for us. We’re not qualified in any way to tell you that heading to your online casino of choice (no doubt one of the excellent ones that we recommend on the site – like 32Red Casino or Betway Casino) and playing a few superb new big-name pokies or a classic casino game like Roulette or Blackjack is going to improve your health.

But the researchers at McGill University in Montreal are most definitely qualified, and, in a recent study, they found just that: playing your favourite Online Pokies and Casino Games actively reduces stress...

Now, if we’re honest, we didn’t know there was any science behind it. We knew that we enjoyed our visits to top-rate online casinos like, for instance, Spin Palace Casino. We knew that a few spins of a pokie like The Dark Knight puts us in a good mood.

And we knew that the rattle of the ball in the Roulette wheel always brings a little smile. But now we’ve got the benefit of research, we’ll be making sure to clock in and make a couple of bets – for the good of our health, you understand...

Apparently, it’s all down to a reduction in cortisol (a hormone associated with stress) in players of pokies. The study in Canada found that the level of cortisol in subjects was reduced by, on average, 17% after a session at an online casino.

And it isn’t the only study that has made a link between online gaming and reduced stress. A Study by Eastern Carolina University found that a test group of 134 subjects showed generally reduced stress and elevated mood. And an Oxford University study found that online gambling might be beneficial in those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.

There is a catch, of course. The best stress relief comes in the lower range of wagers. So, for the most benefit to your health, keep those wagers small. Maybe go for the progressive pokies, which give you a chance at winning a massive, multi-million dollar jackpot on a modest wager. Go on, it’s good for you...

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