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A New High-Stakes Poker Tournament: Will You Be Watching?

Poker is the game of the moment. After the Online Pokies that we know and love, itís Poker thatís the big draw to the online casinos and especially to the dedicated Poker Rooms that have players from all around the world buzzing with excitement.

And itís a game thatís on the rise in Australia, from the face-to-face games in your mateís house and in the local pub or social club to the ANZPT tour thatís picking up momentum year-on-year, and right up to the glitz and glamour of the Aussie Millions, which annually draws the worldís best players and some big crowds to the Crown Melbourne casino resort.

Thatís not to mention, either, the boom in online Poker in Australia, with players all across our (very big) country enjoying the opportunity to play a few hands of Poker in the comfort of their own homes, and against opponents from all around the world.

And one of the best things about playing Poker online (for us, anyway), is the chance to dream of making it big on the pro circuit. We love (and lots of others players do, too) the satellite tournaments that give everybody at the table (and at every table) the chance to earn a seat at a big event.

Thatís no small prize, of course, when there are big bucks on offer as prizes on the circuit Ė and all that online Poker just has to sharpen your game for the challenge of the pro circuit events. And thereís another big event to add to the calendar: the brand new, high-roller Alpha 8 tournament thatís the latest high-profile event in the WPT schedule.

This is a big one Ė with buy-ins starting at $100,000, itíll be exclusively serious players. We wonít be holding out any hopes of being involved, but weíll be watching when and if itís televised here in Australia, and once weíve seen the very best players in the world playing for the biggest prizes on offer, weíll no doubt be heading to our favourite online casino or Poker Room for a few hands of our own. How about you?

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