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Perfect your Roulette Online at All Slots Casino

So we’ll let you into a secret. We’ve been working on our Roulette systems ready for the next time we find ourselves at The Star or Crown Melbourne. There are some competing schools of thought, but we’ve more or less settled on what we like best.

Turns out we quite like just being in a casino, and soaking up the atmosphere, so we favour a system that keeps us playing for longer, and makes our money go further. It’s easy, really, to explain. Red because it’s our favourite colour, evens because all our birthdays fall on evens, and the middle column because we couldn’t decide between the three verticals on the felt.

Keep the bets small, and throw a chip onto the green zero (because we want to be the guy who’s celebrating the green when everyone else groans – we’re just like that...). That gives you coverage of close to 90%, and more importantly keeps you spinning the Roulette wheel for an evening.

Of course, almost all of you reading this will know of a better system, or one that suits you better. That’s the beauty of playing at an online casino like All Slots Casino. We’ve had a chance to try things out and come up with what we like best. That’s how we know that we prefer to play for a while with small bets, but there are no doubt people out there who love the thrill of risking it all on a single spin before they move off to another casino game or settle down at a Poker table.

It’s the same at All Slots. This is an online casino that’s been around the block, and so it’s a site that offers you the sort of security and service that mean you can bet online in confidence and, thanks to a dedicated Australian site, without worrying about exchange rates or transfer fees.

That said, you’ll forget about all the good things in the background (like the 24 hour customer support) when you’ve settled in and started playing the games. There’s a great choice of Roulette options – we favour the French Roulette Gold, but only because we like to see the felt laid out.

Beyond that, All Slots has literally hundreds of Online Pokies (with some huge progressives in there, too) and plenty of other table games to keep your interest. Also, there’s dozens of Online Blackjack choices and plenty of video Pokers, too. And if you’re in the mood for something a little different, try the unique games section for a change. What more could you ask for from an online casino?

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