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Mobile Gaming Continues To Grow In Australia

No doubt you’ve seen them. Is it just us or have there been more and more people with smartphones about recently? The statistics seem to back our feeling, with smartphone penetration in Australia as high as any other country in the world.And growing.

Better yet (from our point of view), the number of gaming options available on iphones, tablets and other smartphones is getting mouth-watering. And the quality of the sites is improving, too, with the big online casinos working to keep pace with this newly-developing market.

According to recent market research featured on the Gaming Club Casino, online gambling in the Australian market is set to grow another 3.3% this year as more technology finds more users throughout the country. That translates into revenue in excess of AU$22billion, which is considerable even by the standards of the thriving Australian gaming scene.

Interestingly, it isn’t sports betting that’s making all the running, but rather online games like Poker (and the rest of the Casino Games offered in the newest crop of mobile casinos). Poker, they reckon, accounts for more than half of customer spending. That’s no surprise, really, when you think of the high-profile events we’ve seen this year so far, both in the online casinos’ Poker rooms, and at the casino resorts up and down the country. More than that, the grass roots Poker scene is strong.

The Gaming Club view is this: ‘the gambling industry has been very strong in Australia for many years now. This has clearly been helped by the growth of several online gaming websites that offer hundreds of online Casino Games. At Gaming Club, for example, we provide a great range of video poker, online casino, and table games, as well as free Loyalty Points every time you place a bet.

And they’re right – Gaming Club does offer a great range of online games, and they’re one of a few online casinos that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

While the sports betting companies haven’t replaced the pokies as Australia’s favourite flutter yet, they’re raising the public image of gambling online and through mobile casinos on smartphones. Pokies and betting in general have been in the news a lot this last year, and not necessarily for the right reasons. These newest statistics remind us that gambling in Australia is a big industry, and a growth one, too...

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