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Blackjack with a long-term strategy at All Slots Casino

There are some exhaustive guides around to winning at Blackjack. Some players like to rely on instinct, and go with their gut when it time to decide if they’ll see another card or hope the dealer goes bust. Others are more scientific in their approach, play to a strict Online Blackjack system, and accept that whilst the system might not work for every hand, it will likely improve their returns over longer periods of time.

Obviously the casinos (most famously in Vegas) tend to frown on card-counting, but there’s nothing to stop customers of online casinos sitting with a strategy table in front of them and working their favourite system.

In fact, the chance to practise your favourite games and to try out winning strategies in the comfort of your own home is part of what makes the online casinos so popular. If you’re looking for a Blackjack system that improves your winnings over time, then you want to find yourself an online casino where you’ll be comfortable, and that you’re happy to return to.

Lots of casinos offer VIP and loyalty packages, fortunately, so there’s plenty of choice. Better yet, sign-up offers – which can be very generous indeed – tend to benefit most those players who play regularly, and who have favourite games.

One online casino that we’d happily recommend – especially for players looking to enjoy Blackjack over an extended period of time – is All Slots Casino. There are a few reasons why All Slots is a good choice, we reckon.

First off, there’s a generous casino welcome bonus to take advantage of: All Slots will match AU$200 on your first deposit. Better yet, they’ll chip in 10% on each subsequent deposit, so you could see as many as AU$450 worth of bonus credits a month – that’s a lot of extra cash!

As with all bonus offers at online casinos, there is a play-through condition on your free credits, but All Slots are one of the more reasonable out there, and if you’re settling in to play Blackjack for a while, then you’ll have no problems getting through the free credits. Which brings us to our next reason to enjoy, each time you place a bet you’ll accumulate loyalty points, which can be cashed in for more free credits, keeping you playing longer for less. Third on our list is All Slots’ wide choice of Blackjack games.

You might have a favourite way to play the game, and odds on it’s in the All Slots Blackjack section – there’s more than forty games to choose from, with plenty of multi-hand options, and all the side bets you could ever need. Lastly, you can try All Slots without paying a penny to make sure it has everything you need before you commit. They’re confident you’ll like what you see when you get to the site, and they’ve every reason to be...

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