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All Slots Casino Release Android Air

There seems to be a growing feeling that mobile Casino Games are the next big thing for the gaming industry, and more and more of the big online casino players are putting resources behind their own mobile casinos.

This month sees All Slots Casino release their Android Air platform, which will bring 22 online Casino Games to smartphones running Android 2.2 or better. It’s a good move for gamers here in Australia, who are starting to get behind the mobile casinos in real numbers, and who will be able to make use of Android Air anywhere they can get 3G reception on their smartphones, or via WiFi.

According to David Brickman, who is the Vice President of Player Affairs at All Slots Casino, ‘as people migrate into using their mobile devices more often, we find that mobile phones are not only a means of communication but also a source of entertainment. All Slots Casino is excited about this new mobile casino platform for Android and we're looking forward to seeing how our players respond to this advanced casino experience.’

He’s likely not wrong to be excited. All Slots Casino is one of the online casinos that we’d happily recommend to new and experienced players alike, and the quality carries over to the new mobile casino, which features a good range of games – pokies, Blackjack and Roulette are all covered.

Of course, the choice is nothing like the massive selection of games to be found on the All Slots Casino website, but then the mobile casinos are the newcomer on the block, and the success of the first games will dictate the speed at which the numbers increase. We were certainly very impressed with Android Air, which is every bit as quick and easy as you could ever want it to be, and which let us play a couple of games of Roulette on the move – what could be more convenient?

All Slots Casino is an established and well-regarded online casino that offers a great range of classic Casino Games alongside pokies (classic, video and progressive pokies are all featured) and some fun extras, too.

All Slots run regular promotions to tempt long-term members, and there’s a great 10% deposit match on sign-up. The new Android Air mobile casino gives you a taste of the main site, in compact and convenient form. We love it, and think that if you give it a go then you might, too...

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