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Making the Switch To Australian

Weíve been saying for a while that the quality of the online casinos is really reaching new heights. Of course, there will always be a draw for us in Australiaís great casino resorts (more of that in other articles on the site this week, too). In the same way, there will always be a draw for us in the online casinos, which continue to offer an incredible choice of great games (from the newest Online Pokies with some of the biggest cash prizes around to classic table games in virtual gaming rooms).

Thatís why we donít want the online casinos to feel bad when we make the move to gaming on our smartphones. We still love the online casinos. Itís just that weíve found a new toy in the past few weeks. And itís a new toy that we can take with us wherever we go.

We thought that the convenience of the online casinos would never be matched. We took a real pleasure (and many of you did, too, weíre sure), in playing Poker in our dressing gowns. But the convenience of the mobile casinos is another step up, and a different kind of convenience, too.

We like to settle in for a long session at our favourite online casinos (All Slots Casino and Ruby Fortune Casino just at the moment), but All Slots Mobile Casino lets us take a few spins of a pokie when we have a couple of minutes spare Ė on the bus or in a taxi or just waiting for something. Itís a new level of convenience thatís really catching on.

Any set of numbers you care to look up will tell you the same story Ė smartphones (both iphones and Android platforms) are catching on in big numbers, and more and more Australians are shopping, playing and socialising online, all the time, no matter where they are.

But another sure sign of the success of the mobile casinos is the number of big players in the industry who are putting serious weight behind their mobile casino content. A look on itunes shows that there are plenty of casino options available for iphone users (and itouch and ipad, too) Ė Tiki Torch was one that we tried and liked. Android users can try Jungle Wild (which features some great free spins) and Brazilian Beauty.

Also look into the All Slots Mobile Casino, which already offers you a good choice of tried-and-tested online Casino Games (we like the pokies best on our smartphones, but there are other options, too). Of course, because All Slots has a reputation as an established (and excellent) online casino, you can fully expect that both the choice and the quality of the games on offer at their Mobile Casino will improve, and quickly, too. Thatís not to mention the big prizes that will be on offer as more and more gamers in Australia catch up with the mobile casino revolution!

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