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The Top Five (Other) Card Games

The Poker tour is up and running for another year, and we’re hearing about the WSOP’s deal with Crown Casino here in Australia. That’s on the back of another huge Aussie Millions tournament, and more players than ever in the pub leagues.

But the real numbers are playing Poker online, it seems, with the Poker rooms going from strength to strength. They’re big business, but so are the online casinos, especially with the mobile casinos starting to take off seriously. So what are the card games that are behind Poker in the race to be the most played online?

First of all, we have an old favourite of the casino scene, Baccarat. Historically, Baccarat has been a game for serious high-rollers – casinos typically have a separate column on the yearly accounts for Baccarat wins and losses, as they’re so big they can affect the whole casino’s bottom line!

It’s the favourite game of Ian Fleming’s original James Bond, though we’ve seen him move to playing Poker in more recent cinema outings. The next game on the list is a variant of Baccarat – Punto Banco, which is essentially a pared-down version of the older game in which the casino banks every hand.

Both of these games are great fun on their own merits: Punto Banco tends to go more quickly because there are fewer decisions to be made, but Chemin de Fer certainly offers plenty of excitement. We would recommend giving both these games a try at an online casino or on your mobile – especially Baccarat, as it’s important to know the rules before you play for real money.

Next on the list is a Poker variant that has its origins in Asia, but that has found a keen audience at casinos around the world, and in the world of online casinos, too. Pai Gow Poker lets you play two hands of Poker against the banker’s two hands, with money coming your way if you win both hands, but the chance of a push if only one of your sets of cards is the stronger. This means that your money will last a lot longer, giving you more time at the table, and that has proved to be a winning factor for plenty of gamblers online.

Casino War is a simple game with plenty of appeal, and some of the best odds around, and it fills the fourth spot on our list. Elegant and uncomplicated: the player and the banker are simply dealt a card each, with the higher card taking the spoils. You stand to win twice your stake here, and it gets interesting when the cards are tied, with the chance to raise your stake. We love this one, especially on a mobile casino, as it’s fast and easy and because it gives us a good return on the odd bet.

Last of all, another classic card game that you might not ever have played for prizes: Solitaire. The source of this old faithful’s success at online casinos – aside from its timeless charm, of course – is the massive number of variants available. There are dozens of ways to play Solitaire at online casinos like All Slots Casino, with options like Aces High always popular. Look out for 3D Battleships Solitaire, which challenges you to beat the clock (and may have been timed with the release of a certain film starring Rhianna – we’re not sure...).

So there you have them, all great card games available online now, both at online casinos like Spin Palace Casino and All Slots Casino, or at their mobile casino sites on your smartphone. They might all live in the shadow of Poker as far as the numbers are concerned, but you won’t regret giving any of them a go...

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