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Skrill and Neteller E-wallets: Picking the Right One for You To Deposit Money Online

We saw an interesting statistic this week: apparently as many as a quarter of online purchases are cancelled because the buyer gives up before finishing whatever forms are needed to complete the transaction.

The solution for online traders is Digital Wallets, or E-wallets, and they have a handy advantage for us, too – they’re perfect for your deposits and withdrawals to and from your chosen online casinos.

Digital Wallets are part of a move towards some pretty futuristic technology that uses near-field communication (NFC), and allows entirely digital transactions. As is fairly standard with these things, the take-up has been quicker in Japan – and especially in Hong Kong – than it has been here in Australia, but the technology is a decade old now, and getting to the stage where it’s reliable and widespread enough to be really useful.

In terms of online casinos and the benefits for their customers, E-wallets act very much in the way that an intermediary like Paypal does with your ebay purchases. By dealing only with your chosen E-wallet, you guarantee that your bank details never find their way into the hands of anyone you don’t need them to. There are a couple of E-wallets that are accepted at all of the online casinos we recommend to you, and we reckon they’re strong choices.

First is Skrill (Moneybookers). Widely accepted and totally reliable, Skrill is a solid choice.

Skrill is particularly popular for sports betting, apparently, and is well-regulated as a result. You can transfer money to Skrill, in Australian dollars or any other major currency, from your bank account for free (there’s a fee for transfers from credit cards), and the fees involved in transferring your money to where it’s needed are very reasonable, adding up to a couple of dollars a time at the most. Skrill was one of the first E-wallet brands around, and remains one of the very best.

Skrill’s major competition comes from Neteller (or the other way around, if you ask Neteller...). Though it’s accepted pretty much as widely as Skrill, the major limitation for online casino lovers here in Australia is that Neteller doesn’t cater to the same broad range of currencies, but if you’re planning to deal in US dollars, for instance, then Neteller is a strong choice, because their charges work differently, and it could easily be the case that your transactions would incur charges at Skrill, but be free at Neteller.

As with anything on the internet, we can’t recommend strongly enough that you make sure you’re comfortable with the service you’ll be getting from your E-wallet before you commit any money to it. That said, Skrill and Neteller are market-leaders, and we’re happy to suggest you look into those two options first of all...

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