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E-wallets: Keeping You Safe For Digital Deposits In Australia

You might have gathered, if you’ve read through even a few of the articles on the site, that we’re pretty keen on our online casinos, and the awesome range of pokies, Casino Games and more that we can get access to on the internet from the comfort of our very own living room.

But we wouldn’t be facing facts if we weren’t aware that there can sometimes be risks involved with getting online, especially if you’re involved in depositing or withdrawing Australian dollars from online casinos. There are risks, but, just as with shopping online, if you are careful and do your homework, then the risk can be effectively managed to the point at which you can play at your favourite online casino in total confidence.

One of the best ways to be sure of the safety of your transactions online is to make sure you’re only dealing with online casinos that you can trust. The best way to be certain is to take a little time to look into your chosen casino before you commit to any deposits.

There are a dozen or so online casinos – like Spin Palace Casino and Red32 casino, for instance – that this site is happy to recommend, and that we’ve never heard of any problems with. But you needn’t just take our word for it: the internet is never short of people wanting to shout their opinions, and a search of punters’ reviews should give you an idea of an online casino’s record.

Also, look for the casino’s credentials: its gaming license comes with conditions that it must meet. Spin Palace is, for example, licensed out of Malta, and must meet rigorous standards of accounting and transparency to keep its license. Look out, too, for an ECOGRA accreditation, which shows the casino is part of a (voluntary) scheme designed to ensure players’ safety at online casinos.

And look into setting up an E-wallet to make sure your transactions are safe when you’re depositing and withdrawing online. There’s nothing worse than having your big win spoiled by money issues (though it’s never happened to us, touch wood...), and an E-wallet can smooth the process. Essentially a middle stage in the process, an E-wallet protects you because you only connect your bank directly to the E-wallet, and the site you’re making a deposit to never needs to see your details.

They’re a sensible (and convenient) step for all online casino players, and we’ll be taking a look at some over the next few weeks to help you choose the E-wallet that’s right for you...

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