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Is an iphone 5 Your Ticket to the Best Casino in the World?

This month, after the obligatory period of uncertainty, hype, rumours, hype, media speculation and intense hype, the iphone 5 will be released in Australia. You might be lucky enough to have one on pre-order, and just be waiting for your new shiny iphone to arrive in the mail (there isn’t one on its way to us...).

If you’re like many Australians over the years, you’ll be reserving judgement on what might just be a slightly shinier version of the iphone you already have. You might be the proud owner of a smartphone manufactured (gasp!) by someone other than apple, and have no intention of falling for the hype. But if you are thinking about an iphone 5, and wondering if it ticks all the boxes for you, you might be asking the same question as us: how does the new iphone 5 go with our favourite mobile casinos?

The answer looks like a tentative ‘very well indeed, thank you’. The reviews we’ve seen give every indication that the new incarnation of the iphone will up the processing power you hold in the palm of your hand, and more processing power means that you can get access to the best mobile casinos and the newest and best games on them.

On top of that, the games that you’ve been playing for a little while now if you’re already a fan of the mobile casinos will be faster, slicker and likely better-looking than ever before. That’s a big plus for some of the newest pokies around, especially, because they feature cinematic cut-aways and animated reels and the like to make the pokies experience visually amazing.

And if there’s one area that has really impressed us about the mobile casinos on iphones (and the itouchs and ipads for those of you who have them – especially the ipads...), it’s the graphics. It might not seem like it would make all that much difference to the dedicated online or mobile casino customer, because the thrill of a big jackpot win is the same in black and white as it is in glorious technicolour.

But the simple fact of the matter is that the technicolour really is glorious: enough that new, razzle-dazzle Online Pokies like The Dark Knight are winning converts all the time, and quickly becoming the hottest commodity in the online casino world.

So make the most of the newest, best looking pokies (and the range of Casino Games, too) at mobile casinos like All Slots and Spin Palace Casino on a shiny new iphone 5 if you like. The graphics will be incredible, and it seems like the processor is quick enough to save you seconds here and there. To be honest, though, the mobile casinos are so good on the smartphones we’ve already got that we’re not sure we need any new smartphones – we just need a steady supply of great new Online Pokies...

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