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Crown Casino Burswood to Expand

We’ve been aware for a long while about debate at the highest levels of government over the place of gambling, and particularly the place of Online Pokies, in our society – and the role that government will play in the regulation and control of casinos and the Casino Games and pokies within them.

It’s been a more heated debate that we were sometimes comfortable with, but the news coming out concerning the proposed expansion of Crown Casino Burswood looks like good news, because it looks like the expansion has been controlled and carefully considered whilst still being allowed to go ahead.

Crown Burswood is already an excellent casino destination for fans of the pokies and fans of the casino table games, too, and it looks like there will be more of both to draw in the crowds.

And, given what we’ve seen of Crown Casinos’ ambitions over the last couple of years, the new, redeveloped Crown Burswood will be intended to compete with the very best casino resorts in Australia and throughout the Pacific – which means it’s set to be one of the finest in the world.

The centrepiece of the casino resort that’s set, with any luck, to draw plenty of gambling tourists to the banks of the Swan River will be a six-star hotel. Packed with luxurious features, it will be surrounded by bars, restaurants, theatres and more – plus it’s within a stone’s throw of central Perth, and all the city has to offer.

On top of that, add some 300 tables that will host Casino Games, and a huge choice of 2500 pokie machines that will be enough to satisfy even the most discerning customers from Australia and around the world.

What’s more, it sounds as though the process has been carefully considered, and the response from opponents of the casino’s expansion has been measured as a result. Anglicare’s Ian Carter had this to say: ‘I’m not trying to be the fun police here, I’m just trying to be someone who thinks very carefully about the social consequences of...gambling. At least this is continued, controlled expansion in a controlled environment within Western Australia.’

We agree with him that it’s a positive step forward that casino development is responsible, considered and in co-operation with State Government. We’d want to go further, though, and stress what a good thing we think it is for Perth, for Western Australia, and (perhaps most significantly) for casino fans and pokie lovers in Australia.

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