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Mobile Gaming Growth Predicted in Australia

No prizes for predicting it, but it looks like the mobile casinos are on the charge. Next year looks set to be a productive one for the mobile casinos themselves, and for the online casinos that have backed their rise to their current heights.

The mobile gambling industry was valued at more than AU$20billion in a Juniper report last year, and the prediction that it would grow to five times that size over the subsequent five years looks like itís set to come true. That makes the mobile casinos a major part of what will be an AU$100billion industry thatís international and growing all the time.

Thereís a few reasons for the success of the mobile casinos. First of all, and most importantly from our point of view, thereís the quality of them. Itís not as though mobile gaming apps havenít been around since the early days of the iphone and other smartphones.

But, due in part to the support of the online casinos and the software developers that work in co-operation with them, the mobile casinos have been delivering consistently high-quality new games almost every week for the past year or so.

And that makes a real difference to most customers, who, with the whole of the internet available to them, can afford to be fussy about the entertainment they choose to invest their time in. Where comparatively recently you wouldnít expect to have a choice of more than a few pokies and Casino Games on your smartphone, now you can head over to our mobile casinos review page for a choice of top-drawer mobile casinos that will offer you 70+ Online Pokies and a selection of Casino Games, too.

Even better, the progressive pokies have arrived on the mobile casinos, meaning huge, life-changing jackpot prizes are on offer all the time, and wherever you might happen to be.

The increase in quality goes hand-in-hand with the next big factor in the increased success of the mobile casinos Ė the technology is improving in leaps and bounds. The online casinos have always been quick to innovate, driving the pace of technological development across lots of internet sectors, and the pokies and games on offer are only part of it.

The hardware involved in bringing the mobile casinos to you, especially here in Australia, is serious stuff. Mobile networks have grown quickly to bring coverage to more and more of our country, and you only have to think back a year to realise how quickly your smartphone is advancing (and getting cheaper all the time, too).

Which brings us to our third reason why the mobile casinos are having, and will continue to have great, success: the number of potential customers is growing all the time. In Australia we usually lag behind some of the other Pacific Rim countries in taking up new gadgets, but weíve embraced smartphones wholeheartedly Ė there are as many smartphones here per capita as anywhere in the world.

Thatís a lot of Australians who might be looking for a pokie or a casino game to play in their spare moments. No wonder the mobile casinos are on the rise...

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