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The Changing Way We Game in Australia

Casting a look back into the dim and distant past of the early 1990s (it feels like it was a long time ago to us...), the differences between the gaming that we remember and the gaming that’s on offer today can seem like a stark one.

In lots of ways, the gambling available on the Online Pokies at your local pub or social club hasn’t changed all that much. The technology behind the pokies was pretty sophisticated back then, and it’s only in the digital video-cut-in presentation that you’d notice any real difference. No, where the change has come is in bringing the gaming to you, in your own home.

The internet has always been a hostile, competitive environment for new ideas, and the ones that survive are generally the ones that work. The online casinos (some of the ones we recommend were around in the nineties – Gaming Club Casino, for instance) are one of the real success stories of the internet age, bringing literally hundreds of Online Pokies and Casino Games into homes all across Australia.

That’s a major shift in pace for a country where millions of keen gamers might simply not be able to get to a casino, no matter how good it might be.

And now there is another change afoot. The Mb>online casinos have established themselves, and the good ones have legions of loyal members who regularly log on to enjoy the very best that modern casino gaming has to offer. But the same drive that brought the casinos (and everything else, from streaming movies to amazon and ebay) into our homes, available at the flick of a switch, is driving the move towards mobile technology.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but the first iphone was released in 2007, and it was a watershed moment (though we might not have realised it at the time – we still don’t know quite how all the apps work...). With all that computing power put into the palm of a customer’s hand, it wasn’t long before the iphones – and the generations of smartphones that followed – were changing the way we use the internet, in particular.

Australians, traditionally a difficult market for new technology in which customers are happy to wait patiently for a product to prove itself before supporting it, smartphone and iphone ownership is as high per capita as anywhere in the world.

More than that, Australians seem very willing to shop, to socialise, and to look for entertainment on their smartphones. That’s why the mobile casinos are on the rise, and bringing the very best casinos games, and particularly pokies, (as tried and tested by the online casinos) to Australians who want to be able to place a cheeky bet wherever they might be, and whenever they’ve got the time. They’re changing the way we game yet again, and you can see our recommendations as to which is best for you with our mobile casino guide now...

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