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PokerStars MicroMillions Tournament builds to a climax

The MicroMillions series of events kicked off at PokerStars on the 15th of this month, and it has been gathering pace since, with players all around the world competing online for a share of an enormous prize pot.

The real selling point of the series has been events with incredibly low buy-ins and temptingly big prizes. The whole deal got off to a flying start with an 11 cent buy-in Six-Max No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournament – and that drew in well over 70,000 players from around the world. With the tone set, PokerStars have seen more and more poker fans queuing up for a chance to go head-to-head online in Australia, and we suspect they couldn’t be happier.

Online poker rooms are perfect for drawing together poker players in all parts of the world and in every time zone. They’re great for Australian poker fans, particularly, as they open up opportunities to play (and to practice) that just weren’t there ten years ago.

The online poker rooms are one of the reasons poker has had a resurgence over the last decade. With televised events feeding the fire, too, the prize pots have just kept getting bigger. The PokerStars MicroMillions will be offering a million-dollar (the exchange rate is close to one US Dollar to one Australian just at the moment) prize pot for the final-day tournament, which will mean the winner walking away with $150,000. That’s no small change, even by the standards of the big Poker tournaments on the circuit.

It’s good to see the thousands of players signing up to the MicroMillions – and those numbers, though not quite matched, are supported by the numbers of players turning out to local Poker clubs and Poker events here in Australia.

This weekend sees the first event of the ANZPT, and the tour is going from strength to strength as it makes its way around some great casinos in Australia and New Zealand. If you’re not already out there in the online Poker rooms, maybe you should think about giving it a go.

It’s a great place to hone your skills – there’s no shortage of tour players who swear by it. A look down the leaderboard for the MicroMillions shows Marcin Horecki, a Team PokerStars pro, doing well but by no means topping the table. There’s competition out there, but there are big prizes, too, if you get involved…

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