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New Blaze Poker Out Now

Online casinos have been benefiting from the expertise and the innovation of the software developer Microgaming for years, and this month is no exception. The rate at which Microgaming have been able to produce new games – whether they be the latest and best-looking new flash Online Pokies, or real-time simulations of your favourite casino table games – is nothing short of intimidating.

Better yet is Microgaming’s ability to prove time and again that they are at the cutting edge of the online casino industry, and that they are one of the companies driving innovation and quality. They’ve proved it again with Blaze Poker, which saw release last month at Ladbrokes online casino, and is proving so popular that wider availability is surely only just around the corner.

According to Lydia Melton, who is Head of Network Games at Microgaming: ‘although a few fast poker products have popped up on the market in recent months, from an operator perspective, Blaze Poker sets itself apart with its seamless integration … creating a user experience that is second to none.’

The philosophy of Blaze Poker is simple: speed. This is Poker tailored to the online casino market, and whilst it may have its detractors amongst Poker traditionalists, it is proving wildly popular with online Poker fans. This is ‘fast fold’ Poker, and it works by putting online casino goers into pools of hundreds of players, and matching players who leave a hand with a new hand at a different table, immediately.

No more waiting for the hand to finish before you can be involved again. No more downtime for players who want to get on with their Poker. Blaze Poker lets gamblers be involved in as many as 300 hands an hour if they want.

That’s a lot of Poker in an hour – enough to satisfy even the most fanatical lovers of the game. But what’s the downside? There’s more than one aspect to Poker, and we know plenty of long-time Poker players who do it for fun, and not just to collect on the winning hands. With Blaze Poker, you lose the interaction with a table of player from around the world, which has long been one of the perks of the online casino Poker experience.

By moving tables instantly and regularly, you don’t get a chance to take the measure of your opponents’ personalities, or of their tactics. Blaze Poker seems to us to be a more casual online experience: ideal for when you don’t have three hours to sit down and really get into your Poker, but are still after a hand or two. And, because this is an online casino game powered by Microgaming, it is a smooth, good-looking and quick experience that we enjoyed, and that you probably will, too.

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