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Something’s Out There, in the Bamboo... A Giant Panda Casino Pokie

There’s a new predator out there in the long grass. Well, the bamboo anyway. It’s a real killer, and the newest big beastie in Microgaming’s Untamed line of pokies. Lock your doors, and keep an eye out. Don’t take any chances: the pandas are coming.

OK, so you maybe don’t need to panic just yet. But it might be worth getting yourself over to an online casino like All Slots Casino for a try of this newest release in Microgaming’s very successful Untamed range of pokies.

It’s easy to see why the other titles in the range have been well received by fans of Online Pokies – they are all based on Microgaming’s 243-ways-to-win engine, which has proved time and again that it makes for a solid pokie.

But there’s more to Untamed: Giant Panda pokie than just the paylines. There are some great features here, in particular the free spins (which always get us going). Look out for the Panda’s eye (not as intimidating as the Tiger elsewhere in the range, but he’s doing his best to stare you down...) – three will set off the free spins feature. Even better, when there are two Panda eyes that land on a reel and a third just out of shot, this pokie will nudge the third into frame for you, giving you even more chance to win big on the free spins.

The wild symbols (the Untamed logo) are a massive bonus in the free pokie spins: they stay in place once you’ve collected on them, helping you earn bigger and bigger payouts on every spin from that point on. That’s a great feature that really lets you make the most of your free spins, and that really helps the winnings add up.

A nice touch, too, is the bar at the foot of each reel that features four empty boxes. A box will fill each time a wild symbol lands in that reel, and once all four are filled, the whole reel becomes wild for the next four spins. Yet another innovative feature that not only kept us entertained whilst we were playing, but ultimately meant we went away with more cash in our pockets, too.

All in all, Untamed: Giant Panda is yet another worthy addition to a line of pokies from Microgaming that are quickly becoming favourites at online casinos (and do doubt with mobile casino fans with their iphone and android versions of their favourite online casinos, too). Certainly, we’re getting into the habit of looking for this range of pokies when we’re playing a few pokies online: they are pretty much guaranteed to give us a good gaming experience, and the chance at some great prizes, too...

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