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Jupiters Casino Sets out to Lure in the VIP High Rollers

Things might be looking up for Echo Entertainment, owner of The Star in Sydney and Jupiters on the Gold Coast, after a couple of years of perceived vulnerability to a takeover by rivals Crown Casinos.

A big part of Crown Casinos undeniable success in the past few years has been an enthusiasm to put their Australian Casinos on the high-rollers’ radars – especially when there is so much talk of the swelling Chinese middle class, and the dollars they bring to the casino resorts.

The competition for the really big Casino VIP High Rollers is hot stuff, particularly in an Asia-Pacific market that includes the Singaporean casinos, Genting Malaysia and new resorts planned for the near future – and all of it in the shadow of the Macau casino hub, which has established itself as the biggest in the world.

So it’s a mark of their success that Australian Casinos have been able not just to compete, but to grow in that market – Crown Casino Melbourne has built recent success on the strength of its VIP custom. That custom is pulled in by huge investment into luxury hotels and private gaming rooms, and in the infrastructure for priority treatment – jets, limousines, concierges and all the other things that come with a VIP lifestyle.

So it’s no surprise, really, that Jupiters Casino want to get into the VIP game, and that they’re doing so by investing in all the things that the high rollers love.

We’re talking about AU$20million that’s being spent on nine ultra-luxury apartments that will replace about 30 hotel rooms, which gives you an idea of the priorities for Jupiters. The apartments will be two-storey miniature palaces, equipped with their own staffed gaming tables and with butlers to meet whatever needs VIPs have.

Aaron Gomes is the new boss at Juptiers, and he sounds like he has big plans: ‘the market on the Gold Coast is not going to grow as fast as we want it to grow. We needed to figure a way to grow the pie and the quickest and easiest way to do that is through the VIP (high-roller) business.’

Gomes will want to follow the example of The Star, which has in recent times increased their VIP revenues by an impressive 60%, meaning they’re pulling in more than AU$300million a year. And it could be that with Jupiters emerging as a VIP destination, there will be some success heading Echo’s way – Gomes certainly thinks so: ‘there's guys around the world that will bet half a million (dollars) or even millions a hand.’ Good luck to them!

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