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Battlestar Gallactica Arrives Online

Some of our favourite pokies in recent times (and not just our favourites, judging by the numbers playing them at online casinos) have been movie franchise pokies.

We’re thinking of Fantastic Four, X-Men, The Dark Knight and others that combine the glamour and the graphics (and the storylines) of the big screen blockbusters with the compelling gameplay that we’ve all come to expect from Microgaming Online Pokies. And it may not strictly be big screen, but the best of the Online Pokies we’re looking forward to this week is definitely big-budget, and has already generated more than its fair share of excitement.

We’re talking about a much-anticipated pokie inspired by the cult TV series Battlestar Gallactica. Microgaming and the online casinos bringing you this glossy new pokie will be hoping to draw in just some of the 14 million viewers of the recent series’ last season. The fans are there for the compelling storylines and the great special effects, and by the looks of it, the pokie version won’t disappoint on either score.

It could well be Battlestar Gallactica gets its share of pokie purists playing it, too, though – it’s shaping up to be a cracker, if the reports are anything to go by, with great gameplay to match top graphics. We’ll be interested to see if it falls into the 243-ways-to-win range of pokies from Microgaming, or if they approach it in a different manner. One thing we’re keen to see is a good bonus game or two – we think they’re a massive draw on the newest Online Pokies, and they’re definitely a fantastic way to ensure you’re making the most of your winnings.

The only bad news we’ve heard so far is that Battlestar Gallactica isn’t likely to be a progressive pokie: that doesn’t mean, though, that there won’t be massive cash prizes on offer – we just get excited by the idea of all those millions of Aussie Dollars racking up with each spin...

Both companies – Microgaming and NBC Universal Television – are upbeat about Battlestar Gallactica’s release. Roger Raatgever at Microgaming said they were ‘thrilled to be creating video slots which are light years ahead of the rest.’ He said the Microgaming team were looking to ‘do justice to the brand, and not only targeting their own base of players but striving to bring all Gallactica fans to Microgaming online casinos.’

NBC’s Christopher Lucero said, ‘we’re confident that Microgaming can capture all of the action of Battlestar Gallactica with the real-life exhilaration of online gaming, creating an exciting brand extension for Battlestar Gallactica fans and gamers around the world.’

So, fans of pokies and of Battlestar Gallactica, watch this space...

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