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Hone your Blackjack skills at The Gaming Club

Volumes and volumes have been written – literally millions of words – on how to win at Blackjack. There’s a printout on the desk in front of us as we’re writing this, for instance, that lays out all the possible combinations and advises what action to take in each case. It’s pretty complicated, and claims to be exhaustive. But just as many players of Blackjack in casinos around the world will tell you that success is in the instinct, in a feel for what cards have shown already and what’s in the dealer’s hand.

We’re not in much of a position to tell you either way, but we enjoy the game as much as anyone else – the Blackjack tables are always some of the busiest on the casino floors, whichever of Australia’s top-drawer casino resorts you happen to be visiting.

But we can’t always get ourselves to The Star in Sydney or to Crown Melbourne (much as we’d like to have a weekend away...), and so we’ve been known to spend a few hours on the next best thing: Online Blackjack at one of the really good online casinos out there these days.

These are a god-send for lots of Australians, who love a game of Blackjack but can’t make the trip to their nearest casino (which might not be all that near anyway...). Even better, we reckon that putting in the hours online has improved our game no end, and that’s always a plus when we do get the chance to hit the casino floor. Walking away with a few extra dollars in your pocket can really add some shine to a night out!


Gaming Club Casino is an online casino that we’d recommend to you without hesitation – we’ve been playing Blackjack at the site for a while, and we’ve enjoyed every moment. The software is easy to load up and to manage once you’ve got going (there were some excellent sign-up offers, too), and there’s a loyalty programme that rewards you for every cash bet you make.

But aside from that, the choice of Blackjack games is incredible. There are more than 40 different versions of the game on offer, with all manner of side bets and variables to suit all tastes and to keep all players happy. The Blackjack games selection takes you to Atlantic City, Vegas, and over to Europe for different versions of the game, and there’s plenty of multi-hand options for those players who prefer it.

Also in there is Triple Sevens, which throws a progressive jackpot into the mix, triggered when three sevens in a row are dealt – three diamond sevens will see you win the whole progressive jackpot. That’s the sort of extra you can expect when you play Blackjack online at Gaming Club Casino, alongside enough choice to satisfy even the hardiest Blackjack veteran.

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