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WSOP Underway For 2014

Casino resorts are the perfect venue for lots of events, but there are few that find a home more easily in the very best casinos in the world than the WSOP.

The premier Poker competition that makes its way around the world from luxury casino to luxury casino, making players rich and giving all those punters playing Poker at online casinos and Poker Rooms something to aspire to!

And this yearís WSOP Tour Ė the 45th Ė has kicked off in Vegas. They like to get things going with a bang, and this year it was literally a cannon, but a cannon with $10,000 worth of $1 bills stuffed into the barrel, making exactly the sort of confetti you would expect from a big-money event like the WSOP!

The first event of the year is traditionally for casino employees only, which makes a nice change for the folks who normally devote their time to making sure other punters enjoy their casino experience, win or lose. And the tour will end with event number 65, the Main Event, which will offer a massive prize jackpot of $60million.

Along the way there will be hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money won by the Poker players who can outlast the rest of the field Ė and there have been a couple of first-time winner already hitting the headlines: Doug Polk and Kory Kilpatrick are both the proud owners of WSOP winnersí bracelets after taking events on the tour this year.

The interesting thing to note about both Polk and Kilpatrick is that they are players who not only cut their teeth but made reputations for themselves playing Poker online at Poker Rooms and online casinos.

It does raise the tantalising prospect for all those online Poker enthusiasts (you might include us in that...) working their way from the online game rooms to the fields of the big tournaments, and finally to the very top of the tree.

Itís happened enough these days for it to be a legitimate route to success on the WSOP tour, which is just an indication of how good the Poker Rooms are: one day itís an online casino thatís hosting your game, and the next itís a luxury casino in Vegas, Australia or Macau. Dream the dream and keep playing!

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