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WSOP Live Online Poker Launches

It looks like times might be changing over in the States, which is good news for Poker fans just at the moment, and, looking ahead into the long term, might have a huge impact on the world of the online casinos.

The regulatory framework in the States has been hostile to anything resembling an online casino for a while, and so the folks in the US have had to put up without having an online home to call their own. But is the launch of a WSOP online Poker Room a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel?

Certainly, the Poker Rooms have had to adapt to the closing of the American markets, and you’d have to say that they have evolved to a place of strength. So it’s a strong product that was launched on Thursday by WSOP, supported as it is by 888 Poker.

It is no doubt hoped by everyone involved with the launch that this amounts to the beginning of a domino effect that will see first more US States (New Jersey is perhaps the most likely), and then the huge international market drawn to the WSOP online brand. They’ll without doubt face stiff competition along the way, but at this stage all the comments are brimming with optimism.

‘It has been a long time coming. WSOP has been in existence since 1970… Seeing the state of Nevada become the first state to legalize online poker in the U.S. is exciting for us as a company… This is the beginning of a domino effect the same way as the state of Nevada started licensed land-based casino gaming.

The digital age will repeat that same pattern.’ So says Mitch Garber, CEO at Caesars Interactive Entertainment. WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart was similarly upbeat: ‘It's a very exciting and gratifying day to see the WSOP go online. Poker is a numbers game and the number of online qualifiers to the 2013 WSOP was zero. That will never be the case again… The online launch marks an important evolution in the WSOP. In the last 45 years, the WSOP has remained a very simple idea: to be the definitive gathering place for people who love the game.’

So it looks like we’ve reached a significant day in the history of America’s relationship with online gaming, one that we could end up looking back on as a watershed. But will the launch of the WSOP site be the start of the opening up of the enormous American market to online gaming? And will the effect that has on our favourite online casinos be positive? We’ll just have to wait and see, so watch this space, and as we find out, you will, too...

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