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Winter Is Coming (Early)

Thereís a little bit of winter in the air, in case you hadnít noticed, and thereís excitement with it, especially if you happen to be a fan of epic sword and sorcery on your telly box. On the off chance youíre not a fan, and donít know what weíre talking about, itís the latest series of Game of Thrones will be landing on April 25th, and the showís legions of fans will most likely be whipping themselves into a frenzy of excitement between now and then. Youíve still just about got time to watch the first five seasons of this fantasy phenomenon, but if you donít feel like that commitment of time, you could always give the pokie a go.

Microgamingís Game of Thrones pokie is available at all the top-drawer online casinos that feature their software, and this is a worthy addition, especially if you know the TV series or the books. Itís probably fair to say that there are Microgaming pokies on the market that feature smoother gameplay, and probably there are pokies offering the chance of bigger prizes, too, but given that this is a tie-in to a pretty famous cross-media product, we think Microgaming have done a decent job.

Because this pokie brings something a little bit different to your gaming experience. Youíve got your usual reels, of course, and theyíre suitably fantasy-themed, but itís in the extra features that Game of Thrones brings something a little out of the ordinary. Look out for the famous Iron Throne itself as a trigger for the real fun: itís a wild and stacks in all the reels. Once youíve landed at least a couple of Iron Thrones, youíll activate the free spins feature, which offers you the chance to pledge allegiance to one of the great houses of Westeros (Stark, Lannister, Baratheon and Targaryen, for those of you who arenít Game of Thrones experts). Each of the houses gives you a different mix of free spins and multipliers: we really like this feature, as it gives the player a little bit more control over their game, and thatís always a good thing.

So whether youíre a die-hard Game of Thrones fan or not, thereís something to enjoy with Microgamingís pokie, and if you happen to be one of the folks out there who loves both Game of Thrones and the best pokies available at online casinos, you need to stop reading this and get to one of those sites right now to play this pokie!

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