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Where To Next For Online Gambling?

There have been CEOs around the world sitting up and taking notice of the online gambling industry in the past few years, and especially here in Australia, but itís an industry thatís defined by constant innovation and fierce competition.

Whatís certain is that there are big profits to be had by companies providing the right product but whatís not clear is what the next big thing might be. So where to next for online gaming?

Social media is huge, and only going to get bigger. Twitter had 500 million registered users as of last year, and deals with more than 300 million tweets every single day. The mind boggles as to what all those messages might be about (and as to why people arenít at online casinos instead of on twitter...), but the numbers are pretty undeniable.

There is a huge market for social media. And online gaming is heading into a more social format all the time. Itís no real surprise: one of the great things about a visit to your nearest casino resort or a game of Poker with your mates is the social aspect, and thatís what the online casinos are working to bring to our favourite Online Pokies and Casino Games. Theyíre not there yet, but expect to see a more social aspect to your gaming in the future.

One of the ways in which the human touch is being brought to our favourite online casinos is through one of the best (in our opinion) innovations of the past few years Ė live dealers at online casinos.

This is a real winner, we reckon, and could be the first step in the process weíre talking about above. Bringing an experienced and friendly croupier or dealer into a game of Craps, Roulette or Blackjack is a step in the right direction for our money Ė expect to see more of this technology being used, and becoming more widely available, too.

Finally, the online casinos have been going mobile for a couple of years now, and it seems like the experiment is working. Obviously, we were behind the project from the start, enjoying the chance to take our favourite pokies of the minute on the go with us, and it seems like the idea is really catching on with enough players to encourage investment from the casinos, software developers and smartphone manufacturers.

In the short time since mobile casinos like the Gaming Club and Spin Palace have been launched, the quality and the choice of games has improved immeasurably. Expect more of the same, and be ready to enjoy it, as well!

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