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What do Australians gamble on the most?

Australians are fanatical punters, it's in the blood. Many would say that Aussies will bet on two flies climbing up a wall. And they probably would. But given the wide array of choices in 2010, just where do Aussies like to punt the most?

Given the rapid increase in the popularity of online casinos there are now some major challenges to meet for traditional TAB outlets and Casinos. Only 10 years ago, punters would have to visit the local TAB or possibly phone their bookie to place a sports bet or a horse racing wager. And the only pokies available were those in the bars.

For many years in Australia, the owners and operators of the bars and TABs have just had to open up the doors and the profits would roll in. But now they face a real challenge from the internet in the form of Online Pokies.

Australians can now play pokies and online card games from the comfort of their own homes. And online players can choose from hundreds of different games, stakes and bonuses.

As momentum grows for the deregulation of online gambling in Australia, the face of where and how Aussies gamble might be changing forever.

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