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Waiting For The Jedi To Return

In recent weeks, we’ve kept coming back to a series of articles we started in order to share our favourite ‘nerd culture’ pokies hits with you. We were hoping that they would bring the geeks and everyone else together in the shared love of some of the best pokies around (with some of the best themes, too). But there’s an obvious omission in the world of Online Pokies that continues to make millions of pokies fans cry out in rage and refuse to be silenced…

If you didn’t get it from the quote, we’re talking about Star Wars (and well done, you are remarkably well-adjusted). Specifically, we’re talking about the sad lack of Online Pokies with Star Wars themes. In a list of the best, nerdiest pokies, you simply can’t leave a space where Star Wars should be. And you’d think the same would be true in our favourite online casinos. It’s not as though there aren’t excellent pokies in the bricks-and-mortar casino resorts that feature the iconic characters, sounds and visuals of the Star Wars universe. And it’s not as though there haven’t been Star Wars Online Pokies in the past (Dark Side was a very well regarded and popular pokie in its day). It’s just that with the JJ Abrams reboot last year and the Star Wars property never worth so much, we feel more than a little aggrieved not to be getting our share of the action in a shiny new pokie release.

But that could be about to change. When we hear things about Star Wars pokies these days, it’s often about how Disney (the new owners of the rights to Star Wars, in case you hadn’t heard) will be loosening their grip on the intellectual property a little. What that means is that there will be more third-party products in the market, and we’ll definitely be hoping that one of them is an online pokie. And we don’t think we’ll be alone – pokies fans and nerds everywhere will be using the force to make it happen!

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