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UK Standards Authority Bans Casino Ad

One of the things that we’re keen to get across to new online casino customers if we can, and one of the things we find ourselves saying quite a lot in these pages, is that you should be careful to read the terms and conditions of anything you sign up for.

It’s just good sense to make sure you’re informed about what you’re getting yourself into – and it helps to make sure not only that your details and your cash are safe whilst you’re online enjoying the best new pokies and Casino Games at our favourite online casinos, but that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you.

The online casinos that we feature here at OCG – and the ones that we recommend to you as being the very best around – are all highly regarded in the industry, are all 100% authentic, and are all carefully regulated to ensure everything’s above board. But sometimes things slip through the net – which is why you need to make sure your online casino of choice is licensed by a proper authority and regulated by a careful, independent body.

One of the hottest topics in online casinos over the past few years has been the deposit-match deals on offer. These can be great additions to the experience of an online casino, especially for new customers, but it’s important you know where you stand: most online casinos won’t let you collect any winnings from the (sometimes huge sums of) free casino cash they’ll credit your account with until you’ve used it to play on their pokies and games a certain number of times.

It’s what’s called a ‘play-through’ requirement, and it basically means that until you’re turned over that free money many times (usually 50, but it varies from online casino to online casino), it’s effectively just a chance to play for free. That means that even the best deposit match deals are more useful for long-term online casino users, and certainly not a way to make a quick, easy buck at the expense of the casino.

Judging from a news story we’ve caught coming out of the UK this week, though, not all online casino customers are with the programme. Spin Palace Casino has been criticised by the UK Advertising Standards Agency for not thoroughly explaining the play-through requirement of its deposit-match deal in a recent promotion. Fair enough, you might think: the Agency is there to consider complaints from consumers, and Spin Palace’s promotion brought a complaint.

We can’t help thinking, though, that just a little bit more time and effort would have helped that customer understand the deal they were signing up for and the problem could have been avoided. We recommend you avoid similar problems in your own dealings with the online casinos by making sure you’re up to speed with the terms and conditions before you take the plunge – that way you can concentrate on enjoying all those Online Pokies and Casino Games!

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